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Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Google Expeditions samples

The future is bright and experiential for students today. Never before has learning been more engaging, empowering and exploratory for students. With Virtual Reality we can extend students learning to experience and empathize with places, people, and nature first-hand and up close. Helen Kardiasmenos, NSW CSER Project Officer, explores some of the VR options available that you may find suitable for your classroom.

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What does AR, VR and AI look like in the real world?

AI Robot on Moon with VR goggle and handsets

There is so much interest and excitement in the potential for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what does it look like in the real world context? How are these emerging technologies already being used in today's world?

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Exploring forces on a rollercoaster using VR


CSER Project Officer Helen Kardiasmenos, is also a practicing teacher in NSW, here she shares some of her experiences for using VR in the Classroom by exploring forces on a rollercoaster.

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Indigenous Storytelling with the Stars

night sky

Indigenous Australians have always used the sky as a platform for storytelling. This connection to the stars can now take on a new dimension.

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Join our course on Teaching AI in K-12 classrooms

Is it possible to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary classrooms? We think so and have launched two new courses for K-12 teachers!

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Your Stories - Casa Mia Montessori School, Bassendean, WA

Casa Mia studients using Beebots

In Term 1, 2019 Casa Mia Primary School students in Bassendean had the opportunity for some incursions with Robin McKean, a Project Officer from the University of Adelaide’s Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER).

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Your Stories - Vasse Primary School, WA

Vasse Primary School students coding Micro:Bits

Vasse Primary School has been lucky enough to receive fabulous resources from the CSER team. We obtained the micro:bit kit for our weekly girl coding club. Our students enjoyed the challenge of learning and implementing robotics.

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Micro:bit - the possibilities are endless


Teachers often ask for advice on what type of Digital Technologies equipment they should invest in, as there is an ever-growing plethora of gadgets flooding the educational space. The struggle is real!  

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Science Week - Destination Moon

Astronaut on the Moon. photo credit: NASA

Destination Moon is the theme for Science Week this year. Coding and mathematics has played a critical role in space exploration since before we had advanced computer systems. In the early years of space exploration ‘human computers’ such as Katherine Johnson manually calculated the trajectory and flight to the moon and back. Together with other ground breaking computer scientists like Margaret Hamilton, they calculated ways to safely deliver humans to space. In fact, Margaret Hamilton, wrote the code for the Apollo mission and invented the modern concept of software that we rely on for so many things in our daily lives.

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The power of the humble Beebot

Beebot activities collage

The Beebot has stood the test of time, it was already in classrooms long before we had a Digital Technologies curriculum and it remains at the top of the list for most junior primary teachers.

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