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Kai's Clan robotics and coding

St Columba's Primary School in Victoria was one of the first schools to borrow the new Kai’s Clan Kits from our CSER National Lending Library and implement it into their Digital Technology teaching and learning! Kai’s Clan, which is new to our CSER Lending Library for 2024, is a collaborative all-in-one coding platform that encompasses several technologies including robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Melissa Wood, the Digital Education Leader and STEM Teacher at St Columba's School was thrilled to share her school’s positive experience with the Kai’s Clan Kit, borrowed for Term 1 from the CSER National Lending Library. Melissa expressed “heartfelt gratitude for access to this invaluable tech resource which was explored as a part of our STEM specialist area and fostered much interest and engagement among our students.”

We were very excited to hear about Melissa’s positive experience with using one of our latest kits including our supplied lesson plans and activities in the classroom!

Thank you to Melissa for sharing how her students used the Kai’s Clan Kit last term in this recent testimonial.


CSER Lending Library Kai's Clan Kit


CSER Lending Library Kai's Clan Kit

Melissa wrote, the Kai’s Clan Kit provided a dynamic and interactive platform with hands-on activities, which enabled our students to witness firsthand the exciting possibilities that STEM fields offer. The kit was a user-friendly interface, and the lessons provided a diverse range of challenges. This encouraged students of varying skill levels to participate and succeed, thus building their confidence and competence in these critical areas. Our favourite lesson idea was the concept of students working towards gaining their L's and P plates as they mastered new skills in coding the robot to move in different ways.

Kai's Clan robotics and coding

Kai's Clan robotics and coding

Our students particularly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the Kai's Clan Kit. Working in teams to solve problems and complete missions not only enhanced their technical skills but also promoted essential soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. The real-time feedback and tangible outcomes of their coding efforts provided immediate gratification and a sense of achievement. The integration of augmented reality in the Kai's Clan Kit brought an additional layer of engagement. It transformed abstract concepts into visible and manipulable experiences, making learning more relatable and exciting.

The support and resources provided by the University of Adelaide CSER Lending Library have been invaluable. Their initiative to make technology accessible has allowed our students to have experiences that otherwise would not have been possible. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continued collaboration to inspire and equip the next generation of STEM innovators.

Thank you to Melissa and the staff and students at St Columba's Primary School for sharing their experiences with one of the CSER Lending Library's Kai's Clan Kits.


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