Cyber Security & Awareness in Schools

Cyber Security and Awareness is essential for everyone including students who are surrounded by technology.

Why do we need to learn about cyber security and awareness? Our world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and the volume of data generated and shared across the Internet between people, devices, and software is growing exponentially. Technology adoption use is growing across most areas of life and industry - including work and play, banking, medicine, education and more. Due to the growth in technology use, vast amounts of information are being stored & shared across digital devices - requiring evolving security measures and responsible use.

Cyber security work opportunities are increasing - with many jobs in demand requiring people with cyber security expertise to work across a range of areas and industries. Cyber security & awareness is everyone’s responsibility - this starts with everyone having fundamental knowledge and taking an active and conscious part in the responsible and secure use of technology in our daily lives or jobs.

Issues of privacy and security are included within the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies from Foundation through to Year 10. 

We would like to thank our partners who funded and supported us to develop the original version of this course. We have recently updated our Cyber Security and Awareness MOOCS to a new learning platform and refreshed the content.

The courses can be accessed from The University of Adelaide's Professional and Continuing Education page (PACE) via the following buttons:

Cyber Security and Awareness - Primary Years

Cyber Security and Awareness - Secondary Years

In addition, CSER offers customised Professional Learning. We have expertise in the delivery of Professional Learning and are available to deliver engaging workshops for your organisation. We collaborate within the education sector and related organisations, for example public libraries. 

We offer online learning solutions and workshops delivered virtually or face to face. 

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