CSER Professional Learning Program

As part of our expansion, CSER is now able to offer free face-to-face professional learning program, designed to help teachers and schools to engage with Digital Technologies through the CSER MOOC courses.

This program has a focus on supporting teachers from disadvantaged schools or schools with significant ATSI enrolment numbers, but is open to all.

We are running Professional Learning events in each state and territory in Australia, supported by local project officers from your community. Our CSER Digital Technologies Project Officers will be able to provide on-the-ground support for teachers, and help you navigate your way through the new Digital Technologies curriculum requirements.

Each Project Officer will engage with a number of schools per year, running a free structured professional learning program within schools designed to promote:

  • motivation and engagement with Digital Technologies as a key aspect of Australia’s future in innovation;
  • overview of the professional learning resources, and available communities;
  • enrolment in the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC courses; and
  • facilitated professional learning sessions structured around the CSER digital technologies learning resources.

If you would like to talk with your local Project Officer, or arrange a professional learning event for your School or Area, please complete the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

CSER Professional Learning Event Contact Request