Digital Technologies in Schools

Understanding the importance of digital technologies in our world is critical for Australia's future. Students are moving beyond merely using technology to learning to create their own technological solutions and innovations to everyday matters as well as to address some of the more complex challenges in their community and the world at large. 

CSER is home to the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC program which piloted in 2014 and was supported by the Australian Department of Education in 2016 to expand its offerings to cover Foundation to Year 10. This initiative enabled the University of Adelaide to provide open, free online professional learning in digital technologies for Australian teachers. We are grateful for the support of our original partners. Google Australia initiated the project with us, and remain genuine collaborators in our program. Digital Careers made our Next Steps MOOC possible. The Department of Education supported our expansion of the program, enabling us to take our program from the offering of MOOCs alone, to a national facilitated professional learning program, with expanded MOOC resources and the introduction of a National Lending Library. We are proud to have reached over 45,000 teachers through the CSER MOOCs and professional learning offerings of CSER since we began. While the project funding ended in 2020 we continue to work in this space and have exciting plans!

Thanks to the support of Google Australia, we will be updating a number of our MOOCs to align to the revised Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. 

Watch this space for more information. We can't wait to relaunch in mid 2023!!