About Us

The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER), based at the University of Adelaide in the School of Computer Science, aims to promote research and scholarship both within the field of computer science education and more broadly in the higher education sector.

CSER is home to the CSER Digital Technologies MOOC program, through which we provide open, free online professional learning in digital technologies for Australian teachers. We are grateful for the support of our partners. Google Australia initiated this project with us, and remain genuine collaborators in our program. Digital Careers made our Next Steps MOOC possible. The Department of Education and Training are supporting our expansion of this program, enabling us to take our program from the offering of MOOCs alone, to a national facilitated professional learning program, with expanded MOOC resources and the introduction of a National Lending Library.

If you would like to talk with your local project officer, or arrange a professional learning event for your school or area, please complete the CSER Professional Learning Contact Request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet the team

  • Project officers

    Sue Carter
    Project Officer (Northern Territory)

    Sue Carter has worked in NT Education for 30 years starting out as a primary school classroom teacher in Nhulunbuy in 1986. Her experiences include early childhood and primary teaching, PE specialist, Teacher Librarian and ICT specialist completing a Master's degree in Technology in 1997.


    Celia Coffa
    Project Officer (Victoria)

    Celia is an experienced educator, eLearning Coach and Google Certified Innovator. In 2015 Celia was awarded the 2015 DLTV Educator of the Year Award for her dedication, advocacy and innovation in digital learning and teaching across her school and beyond.


    Toni Falusi
    Project Officer (Australian Capital Territory)

    Toni is an experienced K-10 educator. Her passion for Digital Technologies has guided her teaching career as an ICT Co-ordinator and also a few years as a Teacher Librarian. Currently finishing a Master of Information and Communication Technology in Education and she is looking forward to working alongside Schools in ACT as they implement the curriculum.


  • Coordination

    Susie Barber
    Project Manager

    Susie Barber coordinates and communicates with our Project Officers and key stakeholders and schools across Australia. Susie has worked in education policy, program and project delivery at both national and state level. Her interest in education and sustainable career pathways for young people has resulted in her working on career and employment related projects as well as skills training and mental health and wellbeing programs. Susie is currently undertaking a Masters of Education at the University of Adelaide.

  • Academics

    Prof Katrina Falkner
    Executive Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, University of Adelaide 

    Katrina is Lead Project Coordinator of the CSER Digital Technologies Education Program, and is Founder and Director of the CSER Group, leading research into Computer Science Education and Computational Thinking.

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    Rebecca Vivian

    Dr Rebecca Vivian
    Research Fellow, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide 

    Rebecca Vivian leads CSER's K-12 Digital Technologies research stream and is education designer and content developer for the Digital Technologies Education Program. Rebecca brings her expertise in learning sciences, educational technology and primary school teaching.

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    Nick Falkner

    Associate Professor Nick Falkner
    Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide

    Nick Falkner is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and leads CSER's Learning Analytics research stream, in addition to the Networks stream of the Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies. Nick is currently leading the development of our new Digital Technologies MOOC for teachers of Years 9 and 10. 

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    Dr Claudia Szabo
    Associate Dean - Diversity & Inclusion, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide

    Claudia Szabo is a Lecturer and leads CSER's Software Engineering research stream, as well as the Complex Systems stream of the Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies. Claudia leads the development of our Next Steps: Years 7 & 8 MOOC. 

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    Associate Professor Edward Palmer

    Associate Professor/Reader, School of Education, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics, University of Adelaide

    Edward is interested in how people learn, particularly using technology and how assessment and design drives that learning. I have attracted over 3 million dollars in collaborative ventures to support my work and worked in fields ranging from Medicine through physics to creative writing and the use of media. I'm currently working on a number of exciting VR projects on situational awareness, medical training and science education. My most recent published work has looked at the effectiveness of the flipped classroom and technology acceptance models.

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