The Computer Science Education Research Group undertakes research into how we can improve the learning and teaching of Computer Science, ranging from primary through to tertiary education.

Our areas of research include Computer Science pedagogy, the use of technology to improve education, learning analytics and active learning methods within Computer Science classrooms.

We are particularly interested in how we can teach Computer Science or Computational Thinking from Foundation-6, including developing our understanding of appropriate pedagogy, and what we can learn about this new area from other, more established learning areas. If you are interested in forming a research collaboration or talking to us about our research, please contact us.

You can read more about our research at our CSER Research Blog.

Latest news



Your Stories: Diving into the CSER AI Primary Classroom MOOC by Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham, a Primary Teacher from Victoria, has enthusiastically offered to share her experience of undertaking our new MOOC on "Teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Primary Classroom". We saw Jenny tweeting about AI and the MOOC on Twitter and we were curious to learn about her experience diving into this exciting area of Digital Technologies. Read Jenny's story... 



All Aboard - A whole school approach to implementing the DT Curriculum at Taroona PS TAS

Some amazing things have been happening in Tasmania's Taroona Primary School over the past few years! The school which overlooks the Derwent River estuary in a natural bushland environment has embraced a whole school approach to implementing digital technologies, led by Principal Danielle Bresnehan and Digital Technologies Leader, Hilary Purdie. In this article, Hilary Purdie, 2019 Finalist ACS Digital Disruptors ICT Educator of the Year,  outlines the Taroona approach to whole school implementation.



LEGOⓇ Data Scuttle

What’s not to love about LEGO bricks, other than their sharp corners that stab into the bottom of your bare foot when stepped on?