The Computer Science Education Research Group undertakes research into how we can improve the learning and teaching of Computer Science, ranging from primary through to tertiary education.

Our areas of research include Computer Science pedagogy, the use of technology to improve education, learning analytics and active learning methods within Computer Science classrooms.

We are particularly interested in how we can teach Computer Science or Computational Thinking from Foundation-6, including developing our understanding of appropriate pedagogy, and what we can learn about this new area from other, more established learning areas. If you are interested in forming a research collaboration or talking to us about our research, please contact us.

You can read more about our research at our CSER Research Blog.

Latest news



Join our course on Teaching AI in K-12 classrooms

Is it possible to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary classrooms? We think so and have launched two new courses for K-12 teachers!



Your Stories - Casa Mia Montessori School, Bassendean, WA

In Term 1, 2019 Casa Mia Primary School students in Bassendean had the opportunity for some incursions with Robin McKean, a Project Officer from the University of Adelaide’s Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER). She introduced the students to the concept of Algorithms, a sequence of specific instructions to be followed to perform a function or solve a problem, particularly by a computer.



Your Stories - Vasse Primary School, WA

Vasse Primary School has been lucky enough to receive fabulous resources from the CSER team. We obtained the micro:bit kit for our weekly girl coding club. Our students enjoyed the challenge of learning and implementing robotics.