New tech activity ideas for the maths classroom!

Kai's Clan robotics and coding

Need some quick start ideas for using tech in the maths classroom? 

Our team have put together a series of 1 page activity prompts to get you started with items from our National Lending Library

Dash in the Maths Classroom 1 - Dash robots are engaging bots that can manoeuvre in all directions, sense objects, flash LED lights and play back recorded audio, but they can also be used to engage in maths lessons including activities on Mapping, Measurement and Number!

Dash in the Maths Classroom 2 - Dash bots can help build creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills! This activity page has prompts for Battle Shapes, Treasure Hunt, A-Maze-ing and Playing with Perimeters

Kai's Clan in the Maths Classroom - Kai's Clan is a collaborative coding platform with robots, mats, VR, AR, IoT and AI functionality. Use the Mars Discovery Mat to engage in Space concepts including cartesian planes and coordinates, the Distance tracker to consider Measurement and Statistics or the Life support systems on Mars to use sensors and data collection for Statistics. 

Bee-bot in the Maths Classroom - not only a great resource for introducing coding and computation thinking, Bee-bots also enable students to engage in Mapping, Measurement and Counting.

Remember you can request to borrow all of these robots from the National Lending Library!

With thanks to the support of the Australian Government Department of Education. 

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