VR Tips! How do people use VR in the real world?

photo of patient with VR headset on in hospital bed

Virtual Reality offers great novelty and entertainment opportunities but it also has more serious real world applications and potential for much more in the future.  

In this video play list we bring together a range of real world examples showing how VR is being used in multiple health care settings and health research, fire fighting training, science and space exploration, car design, art and more! For example the feature photo in this story from Bloomberg Quicktake video called 'Why Virtual Reality Could Help Treat Alzheimer's and Chronic Pain', features details about a pilot program at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles where one doctor is testing out the novel use of VR.

These examples demonstrate how technology can be created and applied to solve real world problems, perhaps they will inspire your students to think of how to solve a problem in their local or even global community.  

You will find this play list at https://bit.ly/VR-Examples and other education technology related play lists on the CSER YouTube Channel

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