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Your Stories - Greenwich Public School

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We always love to hear how schools are making the most of our CSER National Lending Library. Our free Digital Technologies kits provide great opportunities for students to explore, play and problem-solve with STEM within their own classrooms. Our Merge Cube kits are a great example, allowing students to experience hands-on learning in an entirely new way with augmented reality technology.  

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CSER National Lending Library

Have you ever thought about borrowing from the CSER National Lending Library? Currently the library range includes the following kits:

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Feature Video: Augmented Reality simulations with Merge Cubes

screen shot of slide how do merge cubes work

Merge cubes are a versatile and cost effective learning tool for exploring both augmented and virtual reality. In this video, CSER Project Officer, Sue Carter, together with Helen Kardiasmenos share the fundamentals and some examples on how to get started with merge cubes in the classroom. 

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Using Merge Cubes in the Classroom

What is a merge cube? Have you thought about using them in the classroom?

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