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Aboriginal STEM Congress - student VR creativity!

Aboriginal STEM Congress 2021 conference book cover

Earlier this month, the Young Aboriginal STEM Thinkers of South Australia (YASTSA) hosted the 2021 STEM Aboriginal Student Congress. The congress provides an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people to explore all areas of STEM and to see the connections of their enduring cultural history with the innovations of today. 

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CSER visits the Torres Strait Islands

Laura and Lauren at Tagai State College, Thursday Island

Recently CSER Project Officers, Lauren Stanhope and Laura Ferguson, had the opportunity to work with teachers on Thursday Island, following Lauren's visit last year to work with Teacher Aides.

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NAIDOC Week 2019

NAIDOC Week logo 2019, Voice, Treaty, Truth

2019 NAIDOC Week is based upon the theme of Voice, Treaty, Truth. Your school can explore this theme with the helpful resources available on the NAIDOC website. One of the featured activities is to create a poster to help students consider the meaning of the theme - for example what does the term treaty mean and why is it important. Students can explore the featured poster to interpret the artist's meaning and they can create their own poster. 

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