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We are excited to share two new webinars aligned to our newly launched Decoding Digital Technologies [Primary] MOOC and Digital Technologies + X MOOC. This webinar series is made possible with the support of Google Australia. 

How might we make connections between Digital Technologies and Maths and English in v9.0 of the Australian Curriculum?  

Tuesday 16 April 2024 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM AEST

This short 30 minute webinar will highlight some activities which promote the integration of content from Digital Technologies and the learning areas of Mathematics and English.  They are drawn from our free DT + X online course.  Primary teachers will see the connections that will allow for meaningful and deep learning in a busy classroom. 

Register for the free event here. 

Let's talk Tech + X: connecting careers to the classroom

Monday 17 June 2024 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Join us for this short 30-minute webinar, a collaboration between CSER and careers content experts Refraction Media (Careers with STEM), to dive into the world of careers with tech and how you can fit careers education into your existing classroom activities. 

Hear about the latest landscape of careers with tech and how people are using it across amazing areas from those who know it best - the Careers with STEM team. 

Learn about how to build a positive careers mindset in your students from an early age and how to easily incorporate interesting careers content into literacy and Digital Technologies classroom activities. With Australia set to deliver 1.2 million critical tech workers by 2030 and technology impacting all jobs today, careers with tech have never been so important. 

Participants will receive a copy of our digital Junior Job Kit developed with Refraction Media. This job kit includes inspiring case studies and profiles of tech careers and practical activities you can use in the classroom. 

Register for this free event here. 

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