CSER YouTube Videos on Demand

The CSER YouTube page has a range of webinars and short, on demand, videos available for viewing in your own time. 

Recent uploads include our latest webinars on making the most of Merge Cubes! If you have a Merge Cube Kit from the CSER Lending Library, have your own merge cubes in your school or have downloaded the printable merge cubes you will find many ideas on how to use them in the classroom.

Building on the success of two earlier webinars on Merge Cubes, CSER Project Officer, Sue Carter has recently presented two more sessions sharing new ideas and inspiration. 

Video link: Augmented Reality (AR) with Merge Cubes - What's Next? Part 3

Are you looking for new ways to introduce Augmented Reality into your classroom? Then join this session to find out about exciting features and content for the Merge Cube. Have you tried the new Merge HoloGlobe app - a free tool for K-12 students? Learn more about the Earth using NASA and NOAA satellite data and see the stunning views of our planet.

Video link: Augmented Reality (AR) with Merge Cubes - Part 4


In this video, we look at how the Merge Cube works with 3D creation software like CoSpaces and Tinkercad, and then viewed through the Merge Edu app.

This session has a focus on creating 3D objects using the design thinking process. Using the CoSpaces Add on Tool, students can create their own content for Merge Cubes. Using Tinkercad students can design their own 3D objects and convert them into virtual objects to be shared and viewed using Object Viewer on the Merge Cube. 

These sessions were developed with thanks to funding from Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment under the Artificial Intelligence in Schools Initiative. 

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