New CSER library kits - CoSpaces Digital and CoSpaces 360

Snippet from CoSpaces Youtube video

CoSpaces Edu enables students to be creators of engaging and immersive experiences. Students can create 3D environments using photos, videos and more, animate and code their creations and explore them in both Augmented and Virtual Reality. With a merge cube add on students can hold their CoSpaces creation in their hands!

We are excited to add two new Library Kits to the CSER Lending Library based on the CoSpaces Edu Pro platform. 

Our new 'CoSpaces Digital License Kit' provides you with access to CoSpaces Pro platform enabling you to invite your class to create interactive environments that they can explore in multiple platforms helping to bring their ideas to life for further development. These are e-kits and will be emailed at the commencement of the loan period.

The 'CoSpaces 360 Kit' also contains access to the CoSpaces Edu Pro platform for your class, in addition to Insta360 One X2 Creator Kit Lite, iPad and merge cube. This kit will be couriered to you at the commencement of the loan period. 

You can register your interest in the new kits via the CSER Lending Library Page

In the meantime, we encourage you to set up a free CoSpaces account first so you can explore the functionality and create some initial projects before accessing the license through the library. 

The CSER National Lending library is made possible thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment. 


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