What does AR, VR and AI look like in the real world?

AI Robot on Moon with VR goggle and handsets

There is so much interest and excitement in the potential for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what does it look like in the real world context? How are these emerging technologies already being used in today's world?

It really helps to contextualise this technology with students by showing examples of real world implementation. For example VR is being used by NASA to create an astronaut training tool for space walks in preparation for their time on the International Space Station. Likewise Augmented Reality using Machine Learning to identify cancer cells in realtime and other examples of Artificial Intelligence being used to automatically translate sign language. CSER has curated some playlists on our Youtube Channel to help highlight the many and varied uses of AI, AR and VR.

Have you discovered any good examples? Please tag us on twitter with a link to examples you have found, we'd love to grow the playlists!

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