Join our course on Teaching AI in K-12 classrooms

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Is it possible to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary classrooms? We think so and have launched two new courses for K-12 teachers!

With funding from Google Australia, we have launched two new massively open online courses (MOOCs) about teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary classrooms!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next wave of technological innovation and is changing almost every industry around us. With the expansion and ubiquity of AI being a motivating factor in the decisions and need for all children to develop their understanding of Computer Science, it is logical that children also must need to develop their understanding of AI itself.

We have two free MOOCs in AI available to suit your year level: Teaching AI in the Primary Classroom and Teaching AI in the Secondary Classroom.

Our AI courses are presented in two related parts. Firstly, we provide school teachers with an overview of AI, unpacking AI, AI careers and key concepts across both MOOCs. The second half of our AI MOOCs are specific to the year level you have selected (primary or secondary). In these units, we present the practical implementation of classroom activities that engage students in learning about AI, including support for teachers about the design and assessment of learning activities. You may complete one or both primary and secondary courses!

Our courses are now live and ready for you to access! Register for our AI MOOCs today by following the link to our MOOC list and selecting the MOOC you would like to join (primary or secondary).


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