Science Week - Destination Moon

Astronaut on the Moon. photo credit: NASA

Destination Moon is the theme for Science Week this year. Coding and mathematics has played a critical role in space exploration since before we had advanced computer systems. In the early years of space exploration ‘human computers’ such as Katherine Johnson manually calculated the trajectory and flight to the moon and back. Together with other ground breaking computer scientists like Margaret Hamilton, they calculated ways to safely deliver humans to space. In fact, Margaret Hamilton, wrote the code for the Apollo mission and invented the modern concept of software that we rely on for so many things in our daily lives.

Today we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of modern technology to explore these concepts and help the next generation of students to explore and create new innovations. Recently our NT Project Officer, Sue Carter, visited Pine Creek School for their STEM Day where they explored the Destination Moon theme. Using ozobots students created moon buggies and had a race to the Moon Base (photo in gallery below).  

Our wonderful community of teachers have shared a number of lesson ideas on the CSER MOOCs community blogs about the Moon. Use the search function to look for 'Moon' and you will find an assortment of great ideas from teachers and how their classes are exploring the Moon through Data – Patterns and Play; Digital Systems; and Visual Programming.

Check out the National Science Week website for a fantastic teacher resource book of ideas.

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