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Red Cliffs East Primary School in Victoria were one of the first schools to borrow the re-launched Beebot Sustainability Kits! We applaud their use of the kit as one of the tools they used in their wonderful collaboration with residents of a local aged care facility.

Teacher, Jade Wright, shared how they used this kit this term

In Term 4, the Prep students at Red Cliffs East Primary School had the opportunity to participate in an 'Old Buddy Program' with some residents at the local aged care facility, Jacaranda Village. The program was for 5 weeks, with the buddies meeting each Friday afternoon. Each week, the buddies participated in some creative play-based activities with a focus around old and new toys. In the first few weeks, they looked at old fashioned wooden toys, that were kindly made for us by our local men's shed. Students and residents painted them together. We then introduced the residents to some new toys, the Bee bots. Using a grid and pop sticks, the Preps taught their older buddies how to program their bee bot through a maze, completing some simple yet highly engaging coding tasks. 

The Old Buddy program allowed all participants to benefit from the creativity and fun that comes with play-based learning through exploration of old and new toys, and helped form stronger connections with members of our community.

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