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To celebrate the launch of our latest MOOC offering - Digital Technologies + X we have just released four new videos on the CSER YouTube channel.

CSER Lending Library - Our top robotics for the primary years classroom: This video aims to help you decide which robotics you might like to introduce to your young learners. The video highlights features and advantages of each of the robots and activity ideas with a sustainability lens - to celebrate the launch of our Digital Technologies + X course and new sustainability-themed kits.

New course announcement: Digital Technologies + X for the Primary Years: Watch to hear about our latest CSER announcement - the re-launch of our Digital Technologies + X course for the primary years! Learn about what we mean by Digital Technologies + X, what's new, and hear about some example content from the course - with a focus on our Sustainability module.

Digital Technologies + X: Addressing 'wicked' problems: In this video we consider the challenges faced by the world today in the form of 'wicked' problems and suggest some approaches to problem solving, critical and creative thinking and adopting positive dispositions. 

Digital Technologies + Sustainability: Careers and cross-curriculum links: This video aligns to our Digital Technologies + X MOOC and highlights a range of career pathways and cross curriculum links in the areas of Digital Technologies + Sustainability.


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