Grow your cyber security skills and knowledge

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'You've been hacked' ....words we all fear!! Prepare yourselves and your students for how to navigate the challenges that come with being an active digital citizen.

CSER Cyber Security and Awareness courses for Primary and Secondary Classrooms are designed to:

  • Build your confidence and capability in delivering Cyber Security in the classroom as part of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. 
  • Increase your awareness of and access to high-quality Cyber Security education resources and programs that you can use in the classroom.
  • Support you to build a deeper understanding of the challenges and risks of the digital age in the education of all young people, and how to model and teach students about proactive and informed behaviours with rapidly changing technologies. 
  • Raise awareness of the opportunities in Cyber Security, with a range of cyber security jobs presented throughout the MOOC that you can highlight in the classroom.

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