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Augmented reality is more than entertainment. It offers unique educational learning experiences, that are engaging and effective. Whether it’s for Science, History, Geography or The Arts, students can experience an immersive environment that can enhance their learning.

To begin your Augmented Reality experience, the CSER National Lending Library offers schools the opportunity to engage with AR learning tools with user guides and lesson plans linked to the Australian Curriculum. Explore the contents of the Lending library AR Space kit, Merge cube kit and Lending Library iPads to unpack and investigate Year 5/6 Earth and Space content.

In this recording of a recent CSER webinar by Celia Coffa and Sue Carter, participants were introduced to the simulation tools that demonstrate elements of the solar system including movement of the earth. We also cover some suggested thinking tools for using these resources in the classroom. Lending library kit contents including Astro reality Mini solar system and iExplore-Explore the Universe are also explained and linked to classroom activities.

With thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Education.

For more videos on demand, visit the CSER YouTube Channel.

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