Feature AI video - What is Computer Vision?

image from Youtube video by CSER

Did you know that the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that relates to human vision is called Computer Vision?

Computer vision is the ability for machines to recognise objects in images or videos. Computer vision aims to mimic human vision by teaching the machine using many examples of images either labelled or unlabelled, where it discovers patterns and learns to recognise objects on its own. Examples of computer vision include face tagging on social media photos, automatic recognition of number plates, and vision used by self-driving cars.

In this feature video from our Teaching AI in the Primary Classroom Online Course (MOOC) you can learn more about what and how Computer Vision works.

If this sparks your interest we have two Teaching AI MOOCs, one for Primary and one for Secondary classrooms. By enrolling in the MOOC you will learn the necessary background information to teach and contextualise AI in the classroom. The courses also present practical implementation ideas of classroom activities suitable for teaching Artificial Intelligence in the primary or secondary years.

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