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Empowering students to create their preferred futures by solving problems, creating solutions and inspiring innovation are key aims of the Digital Technologies curriculum. Core to achieving these aims is Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Computational Thinking. 

Throughout the year the CSER Team have been creating a range of resources for working with students at home, (most can also be used in the classroom setting). Parents may also find these resources helpful. 

Here we are featuring two resources to engage design and computational thinking at home using easily accessible household items to bring ideas to life. 

The Design Thinking Fun resource provides students with the challenge of creating a transport vehicle for an injured toy, however this approach could be applied to many challenges. 

Students work through the 6 phases of Design Thinking to create a solution to their challenge, including going through empathy, ideas and testing phases.

The Computational Thinking Fun resource provides some challenges using toy bricks (eg LEGO(R)). With some inspiration and a fellow household member students will work on activities that involve steps and sequences highlighting the role an algorithm plays in instructing someone/something to do something accurately.

There are also some fun code breaking and 'brick art' activities for students to experience. 

Snippet from Comp Thinking at home resource

We regularly add to our 'Supporting Schools with Online Learning' Summary document which contains links to a range of activities and ideas. 

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