Supporting Teachers Navigating the Remote Learning Landscape


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the pace of change at the moment? You are not alone, together we will work through it! Toni Falusi, our Canberra based Project Officer shared this insight into recent changes for our work and how we can support you. 

The GPS guiding me into this new year seems to have lost satellite connectivity and tells me ‘No detailed maps found that support routing’. Thankfully I am not alone in this unmapped territory, as a quick glimpse into social media confirms, easing my anxiety slightly and a sense of excitement bubbles for the creative ways educators are approaching this new world.

Travel cancellations and social distancing regulations forced the planned, face to face support for the staff at a local school this week to an online platform. The outcome was excellent, with feedback from the teachers identifying the hands-on, immersive approach to interacting via the conferencing platform providing them with a sense of success, knowing that they can navigate it together.

While I was online for the full day, the teachers joined in groups of three or four for 90 minutes. There were a few issues early on caused by feedback, when they were all situated in the same room, but these were addressed with a combination of muting microphones and adjusting volume controls. The downside to being online was not being able to enjoy a slice of cheesecake they all kept saying smelt delicious at morning tea.

If you would like support navigating the remote learning landscape, reach out to one of the CSER Project Officers, follow us on social media (@cserAdelaide and Facebook) for updates and relevant information.


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