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Macleay Island students programming sphero with ipad

Simon Bliss, Teaching Principal, supporting Macleay Island State School, recently shared this snapshot of students using CSER spheros.

Macleay Island students extended their robotics from Ozobot Evos to Spheros thanks to the CSER library. 

Apps were loaded to school ipads. Sphero Play was the app of choice. Sphero play was a great introduction to the ever expanding potential of the Spheros. 

Year 3 explored Sphero Play in class time and a tested each application which can be seen in the picture log.

Spheros were also used by students in the sensory room before school to calm and regulate to improve their learning. 

One of our students became the expert mentor for others in the sensory room.

The library became the epicentre of Sphero app testing. All ages of students worked together to co-learn the Sphero Play apps. 

The pictures tell the story, the game controller, sling shot, free driving, voice control and the rest kept our Macleay students totally focused on innovation. Seeing the new "Machine" film on AI recently reinforced the purpose of our Macleay experimentation with robotics and appreciate CSER and the University of Adelaide loaning Macleay Island State School the Sphero robots.

Thank you Simon for sharing this experience with the CSER community! If you would like to share what your school has been doing in the Digital Technologies space after borrowing a CSER library kit and/or participating in a MOOC or face to face workshop with a CSER Project Officer, we'd love to hear from you! Send your story to

The CSER Lending Library is only possible thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Education.


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