Your Stories - Coding at Epping North PS, NSW

Students using spheros

Keith Barnett from Epping North PS in New South Wales, borrowed a Sphero kit from the CSER Lending Library. In this post he shares the learning both he and his students gained from this experience! 

Using Code to Learn - Using Programmable Robots to Learn Code

Coding spheros are some of the best class learning activities I have ever done. The students of 3/4B were learning great skills and having a fantastic time, and so I must admit, was I. Initially we had students coding them in pairs, building up to negotiating predetermined mazes and playing football games against each other. However, when they decided to share the excitement and fun with their younger buddies from 1R, that’s when their computational thinking took another leap.

Students with iPad

Students having fun whilst programming Sphero with iPads.

Forced to break down and explain their approach to using logic and sequencing to code, their mental flexibility boomed. The opportunity to design their mazes using everyday class equipment for others to solve, proved an enjoyable way to apply the math of logic, position, angles and measurement.

Using the spheros to create practical jokes by magically moving objects and making them speak, proved a fantastic opportunity to use technology to promote learning. Not only were they learning great skills, but the personalised approach allowed them to directly engage in their own progress. The over whelming consensus was that we need to use coding more regularly in our classes.     

students working together with iPads and spheros

Students working together to program Sphero with iPads.

Thank you Keith for sharing this happy learning experience with the CSER community! If you would like to share your experience please contact us via The CSER Lending Library is made possible through the support of the Australian Government Department of Education. 

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