Tips for using VR in the classroom

VR kit sample

Using Virtual Reality in the classroom provides a wonderful opportunity to explore concepts in new and exciting ways. In the post, Helen Kardiasmenos, CSER Project Officer,  offers some tips to keep students safe and well when using VR equipment.

  • Use VR to enhance not replace.
  • Check product recommendations for age level use.
  • Plan VR experience as rotational activity, include alternative tasks so students are not waiting around.
  • Get students to reflect on their experience, make this a social activity so students can talk and share ideas.
  • Ensure you have a safe open environment for VR activities.
  • Check your roll for health concerns and be vigilant.
  • Monitor the students after using the VR headset.
  • Ensure you obtain parent permission for the activity.

Follow these links for more information on Virtual Reality or to book a VR kit or to meet with a CSER Professional Learning contact.

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