Happy holidays from the CSER team!

On behalf of the CSER Digital Technologies Education team, we’d like to wish our wonderful community of educators and partners a safe and happy holiday season. To wrap up the year, we would like to share some 2018 program highlights with you all!

Happy holidays 2018
  • Project Officers worked face-to-face with over 6,000 teachers, around 2,000 schools and delivered over 400 events across Australia in remote, regional and metropolitan areas.
  • We hit an exciting milestone during the year – engaging over 30,000 teachers across our entire program!
  • We farewelled our fantastic WA Project Officer, Steven Payne, and welcomed enthusiastic Robin McKean to the role!
  • Partnering with The Smith Family, we provided PD teachers to facilitate student projects for the ICT Explorers Challenge.
  • New robotics and digital technologies equipment joined the Lending Library, with Dash and Dot, BlueBot and Micro:Bits being added to the list.
  • CSER ran workshops at a host of conferences, such as EduTech, ACCE, Education in Games Summit, TechPalooza, Tech in the Tropics, and more!
  • We co-hosted two webinars and co-ran a workshop with our friends at the Digital Technologies Hub.
  • Lauren Stanhope reached the most Northerly School in the Torres Strait Islands.
  • Celia and Toni covered a lot of ground across regional and remote Victoria on a road trip!
  • Our F-6 Foundations community reached a milestone of over 12,000 sustained members in November.
  • Our program turned 4 in March this year.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all in 2018 and look forward to seeing you and working with you in 2019!

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