PL-in-a-Box supports professional learning (PL) of Digital Technologies in your school or community. These resources are designed to support you or your team in delivering free professional learning sessions, workshops or events for Digital Technologies.

What PL packs are available?

We have a number of PL packs available, each of which provides a 2-3 hour workshop on Digital Technologies. We have prepared PL packs in a variety of formats, including theme-based packs around core Digital Technologies topics, such as Visual Programming, Algorithms and Maker Spaces, and packs associated with our free CSER MOOC courses.

For each PL Pack, you will find annotations that provide hints and ideas on how to run the PL workshop. Our PL Packs are provided under Creative Commons Attribution No-Commercialisation licensing, which means that you can freely use these PL packs to provide professional learning under non commercial arrangements.

Theme-based professional learning

These PL packs are built around common Digital Technologies Workshop topics, including Maker Spaces, Visual Programming, Algorithms and Binary, using both Plugged and Unplugged activity ideas.

These packs will assist you in running special-purpose PL on Digital Technologies topics, working across a range of year bands.

MOOC-aligned professional learning

We have also constructed PL packs around our free, open online professional learning courses. We have constructed a set of PL packs that will guide you through our F-6 Digital Technologies: Foundations course. You can combine these to form a workshop of your choice, or to help provide a series of events for a group to work together through the course.

These PL workshops cover a specific Digital Technologies concept or learning area, across multiple year bands, and with reference to a range of contexts.

Year-band professional learning

Our final set of PL packs are designed around broad year-bands, at this stage primary-focussed workshops and early secondary-focussed workshops.

These workshops are well suited to introductory workshops in Digital Technologies, and may be a good starting point before moving on to the more specialised workshops above.

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