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maths in schools

Looking to engage with teaching v9 Australian Curriculum: Mathematics? 

Join us for a series of face to face Maths in Schools workshops in the Northern Territory!

Register for a one-hour workshop from 3:30-4:30pm every Monday afternoon throughout February 2024. Each week we will explore a maths topic and examine a range of classroom activities to enhance your teaching practice and help to build a positive mindset towards Mathematics. 



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Monday 5th February 

Explicit teaching the CRA way! 

In this session we will demonstrate how teachers can use the Concrete-Representation-Abstract (CRA) model as an explicit teaching approach to provide instruction, demonstrate concepts, and build student knowledge and skills in mathematics.  





Monday 12th February 

Teaching maths through problem pictures! 

Using problem pictures gives students another way to access maths concepts and helps them to see that maths is all around them. In this session we will explore how students can make sense of maths by identifying patterns in images and apply maths ideas to what is seen. 




Monday 19th February 

Let’s dive into data! 

We are surrounded by data in our daily lives but do we really understand it? In this session, we will unpack different ways data can be acquired, sorted, interpreted, represented, and explore the shared focus between Mathematics and Digital Technologies. 




Monday 26th February 

Teaching culturally responsive maths pedagogy! 

​Culturally responsive maths pedagogy is a way of teaching about the diverse cultural characteristics, experiences, and perspectives of all Australians. The rich and enduring histories and cultures of First Nations Australians is explored to gain an understanding of how to teach mathematics in a culturally responsive manner.  





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