Jingili Primary School Students in the NT explore science with Augmented Reality!

The annual Jingili Science Expo was held on 3 August, 2022 in the Northern Territory with 21 stall holders demonstrating how Science can be applied outside the classroom. Over 300 students had the opportunity to explore fun and engaging activities. One of the activities was experiencing augmented reality with CSER Project Officer Sue Carter.

On display were Curiscope Virtuali-Tee shirts providing an experience to see inside the human body. Using the free app and a t-shirt, students could see what happens beneath their skin with lungs breathing, heart beating and blood flowing. Students were able to explore the Digestive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Renal and Circulatory Systems. 

Rakugaki is a new app designed to make 2D drawings transform into 3D objects that move through virtual space. The app can recognise the head, body, arms and legs from drawn images and assign bones and joints. This creates an experience as if drawings have come to life. At the expo students used the Magical Builders characters and watched them dance around in virtual space.

Quiver is another AR app that makes learning fun by combining a physical image with moving augmented reality to create an engaging, educational and magical experience. Students were able to use their imagination to create unique stain glass window designs and animate their images.

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