Resource: New Artificial Intelligence (AI) lesson plan

Happy Pets App - images of dog running and cat and dog sitting together

Ever wondered what mood your pet is in? This new lesson plan: How can you tell when your pet is happy? based on the app 'Happy Pets' explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to assess images of pets and to predict their mood. 

In this lesson students learn about how AI Computer Vision technology is trained to classify images of pets along with their emotions. Within the context of using the Happy Pets App (developed by University of Melbourne), students learn about the use of data and datasets in Digital Technologies, and specifically the areas of Machine Learning (ML) and AI, as well as determining predictions and accuracy of AI, and feedback mechanisms to improve ML/AI. Students consider bias in datasets and ML training. The assessment activity presents an opportunity for students to also consider the design of the app, including user interface, and to critique the solution. 

Students consider how the App and this type of AI technology could be used, along with the social and ethical implications. 

You can find this and all of our freely available lesson plans on the CSER Library page.

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