Celebrate Scratch Month with CSER's Scratch Challenges

30 day challenge of Scratch

Scratch is a fun and visual programming tool developed by MIT used by children in over 150 countries and available in over 40 languages.

May is Scratch month so to join in the fun, CSER has developed two 30 day challenges to inspire students to explore visual programming, create stories, games and share their ideas with their communities. Scratch is freely available and is aimed at 8-16 year olds, while ScratchJr caters for 5 -7 year olds. We have a challenge for both age groups, so why not give it a go! 

CSER 30 Day Scratch Challenge - includes a series of activities building from beginner to intermediate, no previous experience required!

CSER 30 Day ScratchJr Challenge - like the scratch version the Jr version invites students to use their problem solving and creativity to develop a story and create games using the visual programming tool.


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