What year levels are you working with?

A focus on content for Foundation - Year 2

A focus on content for Year 3 - Year 6

A focus on content for Year 7 - Year 10

We offer a range of workshops from introductory level overview of the Maths in Schools resources to specific topics linked to the courses based on the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. For example, your school may be focussing on a particular strand, working on positive dispositions to maths or looking into different practices and pedagogies. Please share with us what you would like to cover and a project officer will contact you soon to discuss options. 

Do you want to share further information that might help with your query? For example, how many participants are you expecting, are you partnering with local schools to run combined PL. Do the workshop options listed above meet your needs or are you looking for something specific? Please share above. 

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